About me

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I consider myself an artist. Which means I run on coffee, stress and sleep deprivation ☕

Hi! I'm CrownClown or Malle. I'm a young freelance artist and aspiring animator located in Denmark.

I've been drawing ever since I could hold a pen in my tiny child hand, and I loved drawing Disney characters and superheroes as a kid. My early work was also influenced a lot by Japanese pop culture which I discovered at a young age through comics and tv-shows. In more recent years I've found myself inspired by cartoons and comics (like the new 52 Batman) and especially other artists. I am a huge fan of Aaron Blaise and Yonatan Tal!

My current goal is to develop my skills in drawing and animation and get into the bachelor program in character animation at The Animation Workshop.

I also do small animations on my YouTube channel and take commissions (see 'commissions' for prices).